Committee Descriptions

Business & Trade

Examines the barriers to and opportunities for economic prosperity with respect to API owned or focused businesses in the Commonwealth. Additionally, we explore opportunities to enhance global trade with Asian and Pacific Islander partners and attract foreign investment in the Commonwealth.

Civic Engagement

Assesses the engagement of the API community within the Commonwealth in the areas of public services and programs, voter engagement, and civic participation. We explore the barriers to awareness and access, and work to improve communication between the Administration, service and program providers, and our disparate communities.


Focuses on addressing the barriers to achieving a world-class education for APIs and all Virginians. The Asian and Pacific Islander community places high value on achieving through educational attainment across the educational spectrum; K-12, post-secondary (two and four-year), graduate and professional, as well as trade and adult studies.


Delves into the varying health disparities that exist between API communities and other communities in the Commonwealth. Additionally, examine how the varying social determinants of health affect the delivery of health services to our communities.